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GET TO WEAR A LAB COAT!!!!!!!!!! How very M.S CF-SLP of me. As always, overly excited about the little things :D

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SO, exciting news in the Allie SLP realm!

For all my (new) speech related friends out there, I just wanted to reach out, say hello, and give a little update and background. Thanks for following, I’m excited to see you!

I just graduated with my masters in SLP in May from a school in Maryland, and moved back home to Chicago to do my CFY. I’m currently waiting for my license to go through (IL takes forever, suckers), and to become certified in Early Intervention (EI, can’t submit that application until you have your license number in hand. Oy! OY, I say!). I’m doing things a little differently- instead of your typical school vs hospital CF, I loved both populations and wanted to continue working with them so I sought out a more flexible position. I’m currently contracted through two private practices (totally unrelated, and very different from each other), one being primarily EI (which will be my full time placement), the second being adult rehab focused on home health care (part time, per diem, as needed, whatever my caseload will allow). I started my home health one this week (just scheduled my first eval. Yipes!) (IL allows you to practice for 120 after your license application has been submitted and received without needing it in hand). My grad school externship placements were at a nursing home, small private school for “preschoolers” with severe autism and/or emotional/behavioral disorders (caseload was 23! nice!), and an outpatient rehab center. 

(I don’t know this kiddo, thanks Google, but oh my goodness what a cutie)

I’m way excited to start, a whole heck of a lot of nervous, still can’t believe I’ll be getting a paycheck. Solid foundation, room to learn, conferences to attend, people to bounce ideas (and things) off of.

Segue: Here’s a resource I found (printed both out to use as reference and during therapy/as home education components). Dysarthria, and an alphabet board. Who doesn’t need an alphabet board?

I can’t wait to check out this site more indepth. ly?

Please feel free to follow, add, make fun of, ask questions, share resources, do handstands, any and all of the listed. I’d love to hear your story. So, tell me, where are you on your SLP path?

Also, I’m trying to get better at tagging posts and keeping organized. Any suggestions?

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