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is a speech-language pathologist in Illinois. Prefers the sound words and letters make together over their intrinsic meaning (example: teardrop, puddle, and pickle). Loves e.e. and vonnegut, and a little bit of Robert M. Sapolsky.

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Oh lordy I love it when you hear something and your ears perk up, and then your heart does a little shift because it’s like “ah ok, I can trust that I can let my guard down because this will be good. Just breathe it in, delicious”, and then you can’t even stop the smile from creeping onto your lips, and you might have to bite your bottom lip as you start slowly jamming. And then comes the thunder.


Wonderwall remixed by Inspired Flight
originally by Oasis

Revolving around Ryan Adams’ cover of the classic Oasis song, “Wonderwall,” this new remix produced by Inspired Flight incorporates multiple Radiohead songs and music from Bob Marley, Postal Service, Morcheeba, Simian, and Blur. This tribute to some of Inspired Flight’s favorite artists is achingly beautiful, emotionally intense, and manipulates the songs used to create a very original piece of music.

c/o victoriajean

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    Wonderwall remixed by Inspired Flight originally by Oasis
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    It’s been a while since I’ve posted this remix, but it’s excellent and lingering in my mind right now.
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